Weekly Picks - Headphones

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The theme for the picks this week is "headphones". I frequently listen to podcasts and music so good headphones are a must.


  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50s - Hands down the best sounding headphones I have owned. The only downside is the cable length which can sometimes be a nuisance as I tend to be only a foot or two away from the audio source. Consider the newer ATH-M50x model with removable cable.
  • Motorola MOTOROKR S305 - Simple design …
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Weekly Picks - Initial

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Charles Max Wood produces some excellent programming-related podcasts. All his podcasts have a similar format which include a picks section near the end of each episode. During this section, a participant can suggest anything (not just programming related) that they have enjoyed or found useful. I am going to try something similar with this blog and post a list of picks weekly (or as close to weekly as possible).


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Testing Embedded Systems With Python

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Testing embedded systems with Python (or at all, really) is an extensive topic. This post is not going to dive too deep into the subject but instead suggest one potential approach from a high level as well as cover a few third party libraries that might make life a bit easier.

Before going any further, let's take a look at why you might want to incorporate Python into your test solution. Including a high-level scripting …

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Python Data Serialization Comparison

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Did a quick comparison of some data serialization options for Python. My requirements for the serialization format were the following:

  • Input data is typically either a list or a dictionary.
  • Interoperability is important and must be compatible with at least C.
  • A human readable format is desirable but not necessary.

Based on the requirements, I took a look at the following Python packages:

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Python Gotcha - Globals And Namespaces

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After several years of regular Python use, I really admire that things work how I expect about 90% of the time. To be fair, the other 10% is typically user error. It is easy to overlook nuances in a language, even if you should know better.

I ran into this gotcha in Python recently: when importing a global variable from a module explicitly by name, that variable will be bound to the local namespace. If …

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Thoughts On Writing BakeScale

Recently, I wrote a simple web app called BakeScale which converts common cooking and baking ingredients between weight and volume. I am not a web developer by profession so rather than using the new hotness I used slightly older versions of Bootstrap and jQuery since I have some prior experience with both; just a few quick thoughts on these two web development tools.

While jQuery seems to be falling out of favor with the web …

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Directory Information Please

Sometimes a directory structure needs a little extra information. Even the most well thought-out directory names lack the expressiveness of a few short remarks. My solution for these cases has been to add a file named __dir_info__.txt to a directory requiring additional details. This file provides an explanation of the directory's purpose, which typically starts with This directory contains ..., and is formatted using AsciiDoc.

Let's look at an example:

= foobar
:date: 5 January 2015 …
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Generating Documents With Jinja2 and YAML

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Quick example of generating documents by rendering data from a YAML file through a Jinja2 template. The target output is Latex vhistory data (revs.tex) which will be included in main document (main.tex). The output is generated by a Python script (create_revs_tex.py) from YAML data (revs.yaml).

import yaml
from jinja2 import Template

# For this example, assume that stdout will be redirected to `revs.tex`.
# In the template, the `{#--#}` entries are used to …
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