Vim Highlight Shortcuts

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Highlighting in Vim is super useful when trying to quickly see where something is being used. The following commands can be added to your vimrc file to make highlighting a breeze:

"{-- Commands to highlight the word under the cursor without moving the buffer view or cursor. --
" Case sensitive, partial match inclusive.
noremap hi :set hlsearch:let @/=''
" Case sensitive, no partial match.
noremap ho :set hlsearch:let @/='\<\>'
" Case insensitive, partial match inclusive.
noremap hu :set hlsearch …
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Podcasts For Software Developers

Some great podcasts covering topics related to software development:

  • Ruby Rogues - The topics covered by this show are fairly broad and are applicable even if you are not a Ruby or even a web developer. For example, a recent episode discussed how to learn new skills as a developer. Conversational format; new episodes weekly.
  • Coder Radio - Topics tend to be fairly non-technical and mainly revolve around recent news, mobile development and contracting. Conversational format; new …
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Vim Plugin Picks

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The following are a few Vim plugins that really boost productivity with this fantastic editor:

  • EasyMotion - Makes moving to a specific location a breeze; see it in action here.
  • Buffet - My favorite plugin for moving between open buffers.
  • CtrlP - Quickly open files within a project directory structure via fuzzy search.
  • FuzzyFinder - Fuzzy searching for buffers, files, tags, etc.
  • MRU - Simple plugin that shows a list of the most recently used files.

Quick note on using …

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Parsing With Parsimonious

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Recently I have been playing around with a parsing library for Python called Parsimonious. So far, I have been very impressed with it. Examples can be a bit hard to find; the following is a simple CSV parser:

from parsimonious.grammar import Grammar
from parsimonious.nodes import NodeVisitor

class EntryParser(NodeVisitor):
    def __init__(self, grammar, text):
        self.entry = {}
        ast = Grammar(grammar).parse(text)
    def visit_name(self, n, vc):
        self.entry['name'] = n …
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Hidden Fossil Features

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The Fossil version control software has a few cool features that are somewhat hidden:

  • RSS Timeline - Add .rss after a projects timeline URL to get an RSS feed; example.
  • Link To Line Number - Add ?ln= to an artifacts URL to link directly to a given line number; example.
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Furnace Debugging

A few days ago, the blower motor on my Carrier Weathermaker 9200 furnace stopped working. Luckily, this model of furnace provides quite a bit of debugging information printed on the inside of the door. It was very straightforward to test the blower motor and confirm that it was not the source of the problem. After a bit of poking around with a multimeter, the only remaining possibility was the blower motor relay.

Resoldered Relay Trace on Control PCB

This furnace is …

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Vim For Health

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Today I was watching a video on using Vim as a Python IDE when a comment about the health benefits of Vim caught my attention. Oddly enough, one of the reasons I decided to learn Vim was because of hand pain. After switching to Vim full-time, I have experienced less pain and could not imagine going back.

One additional step I took was to remap the left Ctrl key to Caps Lock. This has made …

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Qt 4.8.4 And MinGW Quick Start

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The following are instructions for installing Qt and compiling a demo application using the MinGW toolchain:

  1. Download the Qt 4.8.4 libraries installer here.
  2. Run the installer. If a warning message about the version of the w32api.h file appears ignore it and continue the installation (my install is version 3.17 and appears to work fine).
  3. By default, the installer does not add the Qt toolchain to the PATH. Instead, it provides a …
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