Programming Language Popularity

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UPDATE: Complete data is now available here.

The following is some programming language popularity and average salary data collected from Indeed and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The collected data included about 50 of the top programming languages in regular use. The popularity value is how a given language compares against all other languages. The employment number is an estimate for all of the US. The salary number is averaged over all the US …

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Strange Electron Webview Behavior

Noticed some strange Electron <webview> behavior while working on a proof-of-concept for the next version of Doctrine.

I have a simple page with a <webview> tag displaying a local HTML file. If the local HTML file contains a link and the user clicks on it, the default browser should open the URL instead of the <webview>.

The following code produces the expected results:

webview.addEventListener('will-navigate', (event) => {
    // Order is important or URL will open in …
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Weekly Picks - Soft Skills

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Just a single pick this time but it is quite exceptional.


  • Talk Python To Me, Episode 71, Soft Skills - This episode has everything: solid advice for entrepreneurs, info on being a good employee, tips for interviewing. This podcast is excellent well worth a listen. I have not read John Sonmez's book yet but can't wait to after listening to this podcast.
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Quick Thoughts On Abstraction Conference

Recently attended Abstractions Conference in Pittsburgh. This was my first software-only conference. A few quick highlights from the convention:

  • While I have no particular application in mind yet, Elixir sounds intriguing. For embedded systems, Nerves sound neat but maybe not quite ready for prime time.
  • Joe Armstrong's idea of ubiquitous solar powered computing devices is quite interesting.
  • Scott Hanselman gave a highly entertaining talk on the Cloud, JavaScript, and the evolution of web technologies. Think …
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Weekly Picks - Software Developer Showcase

Something a little different this week. Picking a single software developer this week and showcasing a few of his/her projects.

The developer this week is Lu Wang, coolwanglu on GitHub.


  • pdf2htmlEX - Fantastic PDF to HTML converter. I've tried a few similar utilities and this one produces the best results by far.
  • neovim-e - Electron-based GUI for Neovim.
  • vim.js - Port of VIM to JavaScript. Looks like Emscripten is being used for the transpilation.
  • OK …
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DevLog - Doctrine Updates

I have been thinking over some updates for Doctrine. In it's current state, Doctrine is a functional proof-of-concept of an application that renders AsciiDoc files while also applying some Unified Style Guide (USG) concepts. In the next iteration, my goal is to further integrate USG ideas to help set Doctrine apart from other AsciiDoc tools and also promote a standardized USG toolchain.

Here's an example of a USG idea that is currently implemented in Doctrine …

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Weekly Picks - Video Games

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Couple of video game related picks for this week.


  • Salt and Santuary - I recently finished this on PC but it is available on PS4 also. This game is basically 2D Dark Souls and does not shy away from that fact. It is well made and quite fun!


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