Unified Style Guide - Syntax Brainstorming

The Unified Style Guide (aka USG) is a side project I've been slowly piecing together over the past few years. It started mainly as an effort to document my personal preferences for structuring files and folders. A special file reserved in the style guide is the directory information file which simply provides a plain text description of the directory contents. When necessary, I have been using these files to describe the naming convention of the …

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Weekly Picks - Python Gotcha Awareness

While mostly straightforward and simple, Python still has its share of gotchas and gremlins, one such explored in this post. Familiarizing yourself with common gotchas can help avoid issues and aid debugging.


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Unified Style Guide Thoughts - Doctrine And Archiver

The Unified Style Guide (USG) is a project that I have been slowly piecing together to better organize files and directories. The premise of the project (and all style guide projects) is to provide a straightforward guide that is well thought-out and takes the guesswork out of most use-cases. I will anguish over all the trivial, mundane details so you don't have too!

The two utilities that support the USG are Doctrine and Archiver. While …

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Weekly Picks - Unusual Drinks

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Been trying out a few unusual drinks (for me at least).


  • Coffee with butter - After listening to Dave Asprey on the James Altucher Show, I had to try this. Not because of the potentially over-hyped medicinal benefits, but for two simple facts: coffee is delicious, butter is delicious. Turns out a mug of coffee with about 1 tablespoon of butter blended into it is pretty delicious! While still nutritionally skeptical of this combination, I …
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QuickWin 0.3.0 Preview And Thoughts

Been working on some updates to QuickWin recently. QuickWin was ultimately developed to scratch a productivity itch that had been bugging me for a while. There are some similar projects available such as GoToWindow and AltTabAHK but nothing quite hit the feature set I wanted. Overall, I am happy with how functional QuickWin has proven to be; it has quickly integrated into my workflow over the past few months of usage.

New Feature Examples

The …

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Vim Tips - Helpful Leader Key Mappings

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The leader key is a useful way of creating custom mappings in Vim. While browsing code in normal mode, it can be useful to quickly toggle settings on and off or execute other commands. By defining mappings with the leader key, a short sequence of keys can be used to quickly execute commands. Check out :help <Leader> for more information on the leader key and defining mappings.

This post contains some examples from my vimrc …

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Automate Stdin For Python Tests (Updated)

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NOTE: This is an update to a previous post.

The following can be used to programmatically set stdin for testing under Python 3.x:

import sys
from io import StringIO
sys.stdin = StringIO()
setinput = lambda x: [

Here is a quick example of using setinput() in Python 3.x:

name = input("Enter name:")
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