I recently switched from Blogger to this new blog (JeffComputes). Blogger is competent and feature-rich however I wanted a bit more control over my blogging platform. The blog is now powered by Pelican, a great static website generator written in Python. The theme is a customized version of fresh by Jui-Shan Liang. The hosting is provided by RamNode and their great VPS lineup. The workflow for writing a post looks like this:

  1. All of the blog content is maintained in a Fossil repository (I prefer Fossil over Git for smaller projects) in my Dropbox folder; the customized theme is also maintained on GitHub (Git and Fossil play well together).
  2. New posts are typically written in Markdown but could instead be written in ReStructuredText or AsciiDoc if more expressive markup is needed.
  3. A series of scripts are used to generate and test the website locally.
  4. Once the new post is reviewed via the local test server, a script handles uploading the content to the VPS.

That's it! It's a pretty straightforward process once everything has been set up. The only minor gripe with Pelican is that it's category based. I wanted to keep all the blog posts together in a single category and use tags to organize them. This is doable with Pelican but does require a bit of modification (hence the custom theme).

Hi, I am Jeff Rimko!
A computer engineer and software developer in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.