Recently, I wrote a simple web app called BakeScale which converts common cooking and baking ingredients between weight and volume. I am not a web developer by profession so rather than using the new hotness I used slightly older versions of Bootstrap and jQuery since I have some prior experience with both; just a few quick thoughts on these two web development tools.

While jQuery seems to be falling out of favor with the web development community at large, it is tough to beat for simple DOM manipulation tasks. It is a mature library that works consistently across browsers and has great documentation. Usually, stuff just works the way I expect and that is the exact experience a mature library should provide.

Bootstrap is a pleasure to work with as well. I took a quick look at some of the other similar frameworks and could not find a reason to use anything else. For making websites look pretty quickly, Bootstrap is a solid choice.

All this being said, I haven't used either tool enough to uncover any rough edges or quirks. Scaling jQuery is probably not for the faint of heart; even after writing a small app I can definitely see how things can get messy quickly. However, for small focused applications, these two are a powerful combination.

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