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Charles Max Wood produces some excellent programming-related podcasts. All his podcasts have a similar format which include a picks section near the end of each episode. During this section, a participant can suggest anything (not just programming related) that they have enjoyed or found useful. I am going to try something similar with this blog and post a list of picks weekly (or as close to weekly as possible).


  • I made an NES emulator - Provides a quick overview of the NES hardware. Writing an NES game (not emulator although that would be interesting too) is on my bucket list; learning a bit about the hardware was fun.


  • Giant Eagle pistachio muffins - Sadly, these may only be available during March. They are amazing and worth all 10,000+ calories.


  • - Not a single podcast but rather a group of programming related shows. My favorites are Adventures In Angular, Freelancer's Show, and JavaScript Jabber.


  • Eneloop Batteries - The best rechargeable batteries I have used. Reliable and well priced.


  • Nim - Interesting compiled language with syntax reminiscent of Python and Ada. Still under development so probably not suitable yet for business-level development.
  • Peewee - Python ORM for Sqlite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Powerful and easy to use. -XLWings - Neat Python library for interacting with Excel, still under development but functional.



  • Techbargains - Good site for finding deals. The previously mentioned Eneloop batteries can sometimes be found here.

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