Been working on some updates to QuickWin recently. QuickWin was ultimately developed to scratch a productivity itch that had been bugging me for a while. There are some similar projects available such as GoToWindow and AltTabAHK but nothing quite hit the feature set I wanted. Overall, I am happy with how functional QuickWin has proven to be; it has quickly integrated into my workflow over the past few months of usage.

New Feature Examples

The command syntax has been refined. Commands are still separated by semicolons but substrings will be matched to the proper command.


Can now filter windows by simple regex expressions (wildcards and ranges).


Can now filter windows by number and executable name.


Can now chain together some commands together. For example, filter on executable then set alias.


Some Thoughts

One additional feature that might be useful is to filter on multiple columns; e.g. filter on an executable then on a title. I was not able to find an easy way to do this and need to use the new version for a while to see if this feature seems necessary. Also, the codebase is sort of a mess right now. This project resulted from a few hour hackathon; functionality was held in higher regard than cleanliness. Someday I will get around to cleaning it. Someday...

Oh, an installer would be nice. And cross-platform builds too. Need to build up a user base before tackling these items.

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