The Unified Style Guide (USG) is a project that I have been slowly piecing together to better organize files and directories. The premise of the project (and all style guide projects) is to provide a straightforward guide that is well thought-out and takes the guesswork out of most use cases. I will anguish over all the trivial, mundane details so you don't have too!

The two utilities that support the USG are Doctrine and Archiver. While functional, I am always thinking about updates that would make them better.

Archiver has a few bugs that need ironed out such as occasional freezes and issues with too many input files. I've kicked around the idea of adding functionality to guess a USG compliant filename. Otherwise, the feature set is fairly stable. One certain change that will be made in the next release is __archive_info__.txt files will now be __arc_info__.txt and setext-style titles will no longer be used.

Doctrine in its current state is a decent proof-of-concept but I believe it has a lot more potential. Ultimately, I would like the ability to chose how the file is rendered; this would require embedding various utilities such as Asciidoc (already embedded), Asciidoctor, and perhaps Pandoc. When opening an archive, it would be nice to choose which file is rendered (currently it guesses). While conceptually not quite flushed out, the ability to browse directories while viewing the associated __dir_info__.txt files would be neat. Overall, there is a lot that could be added to improve the user experience.

Hi, I am Jeff Rimko!
A computer engineer and software developer in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.