Recently attended Abstractions Conference in Pittsburgh. This was my first software-only conference. A few quick highlights from the convention:

  • While I have no particular application in mind yet, Elixir sounds intriguing. For embedded systems, Nerves sound neat but maybe not quite ready for prime time.
  • Joe Armstrong's idea of ubiquitous solar powered computing devices is quite interesting.
  • Scott Hanselman gave a highly entertaining talk on the Cloud, JavaScript, and the evolution of web technologies. Think this may be the same talk, definitely worth a watch. His podcast is excellent as well.
  • Ingy döt Net gave a great talk on YAML (which he invented). Really enjoyed his presentation style.
  • Lara Schenck gave a insightful talk on WordPress consulting. Took away some solid advise from her talk.
  • Laurie Voss gave a talk which was basically a whirlwind tour of npm. I really appreciate the cumulative problem-solving that went into npm; it's a great package manager.
  • Brad Frost gave a great talk on design. Atomic Design is a neat philosophy!
  • While a bit outside my wheelhouse, Kubernetes looks cool :)
  • I met at least two people using Haskell in production!

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