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Been experimenting with a few methods of using wire mesh to create custom parts. Mesh is cheap and easy to work with. I wanted to figure out a quick method of treating the mesh so that it would retain its shape and seal the openings in the wire. Here is what I have tried so far:

  • Method 1 - Apply FibaTape over the mesh then apply Bondo over the tape.
  • Method 2 - Apply masking tape over the mesh then apply fiberglass resin to the tape.

Here is a video showing the results of the two methods:

Method 1 produces the best results by far. The part is very rigid and strong. The only downside is that applying the Bondo neatly can be time consuming.

Method 2 shows promise but the masking tape is not rigid enough alone. Perhaps applying masking tape to one side of the mesh then fiberglass mat or cloth to the other side would produce better results. Might try this idea out and post the results.

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