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The undo feature built into Windows Explorer is scary. Let me preface this statement by saying I have not yet moved pass Windows 7 so maybe the behavior has changed in newer releases. That being said, accidentally hitting Ctrl-Z while in Windows Explorer can be nerve wracking because depending on the action being undone, there may not be any prompt displayed. For example, a file that was renamed an hour ago might be undone without any warning! When a prompt is displayed, it only shows the name of the file/directory and gives no indication as to the location. Grrr!

For a less anxiety inducing user experience, it would be nice to see a prompt that provides the following:

  • The type of action about to be performed (rename/move/delete/etc).
  • The target files/directories including the full path.
  • The result files/directories including the full path.
  • An OK/CANCEL confirmation.

We have the technology! For the most part, Windows is a great environment to work in. However, keep in mind that disaster is just a CTRL-Z away.

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