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Today, I had to remove the gas tank from a 2000 Suzuki SV650. While it is pretty straightforward, maybe someone can benefit from a documented process:

  1. Just below the seat on both sides there are small triangle shaped decorative fairings. Each are held on by an exposed hex bolt and a hidden plastic fastener. Remove the hex bolt and rotate the fairings away from the body of the bike.
  2. The driver seat is held on by two hex bolts that were hidden behind the fairings. Remove the bolts and the seat.
  3. Remove the two hex bolts at the front of the gas tank by the handlebars. Be careful not to drop the large washers.
  4. Lift the front of the tank and rotate it away from the handlebars and toward the back of the bike. Carefully prop up the gas tank. A 2x2 cut to about 1 foot works well.
  5. There are four things that need to be disconnected underneath the tank (see picture):
    1. Two hoses to the petcock. The one without the clip is easiest to remove. The one with the clip may require some gentle prying with round nose pliers, i.e. pry from the end of the hose to seperate it from the connector. Note that some gas may come out of the hoses upon removal.
    2. Near the end of the tank is a breather hose.
    3. An electrical connector.
  6. There are two bolts under the driver seat that hold the rear of the tank in place as well as a plate that secures the battery in place. Remove the two bolts and the tank should lift off.

SV650 Tank

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