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NOTE: This was originally posted on the Vim subreddit here.

Just learned aboug fd today and was impressed by its speed. Tried using it for ctrlp and it works great! Didn't take any precise measurements but for the CPython code base, stock ctrlp loaded in about 2 seconds, ctrlp+ripgrep about 1 second, and ctlp+fd about 0.5 seconds.

I'm running gVim 8.0.586 on Windows 10 and used the following in my vimrc file:

" Use fd for ctrlp.
if executable('fd')
    let g:ctrlp_user_command = 'fd -c never "" "%s"'
    let g:ctrlp_use_caching = 0

For other Windows users, fd can be installed with Chocolatey.

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