Hi, my name is Jeffrey Rimko (but I usually go by Jeff). I am a computer engineer and software developer in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. With this website and blog, I hope to catalog some of my projects, thoughts, and musings.

The Blog

The following is a quick overview of some topics covered in this blog (see tags for more info):

  • asciidoc - Well designed, expressive markup syntax. Many of my notes and documents are written using Asciidoc.
  • fossil - Simple yet powerful version control software. Fossil is my preference for smaller projects.
  • python - Ubiquitous scripting language. Python is my preferred language for many tasks.
  • vim - Immensely powerful text editor. I use Vim daily and for as many tasks as possible.
  • software - Software applications and related development.
  • hardware - Hardware design and debugging.

Professional Background

In 2006, I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Computer Engineering. Since then, I have worked in various roles as a hardware/software developer.

My full resume is available here.

The following is a quick recap of my work experience:

  • Grace Industries, Project Engineer - Job 1 out of school was very much a mix of roles. The company designed life safety equipment for fire fighters. I learned a ton of practical skills in my two years with the company. I laid out my first PCBs, learned how to solder, learned how to design for manufacturing, learned how to read large schematics and code-bases, etc.
  • Ansaldo STS, Software Engineer - Job 2 was for a company specializing in train control systems. Unlike my previous job, this role was less generalized and I focused mainly on embedded software. During my 6 years with the company, I thoroughly learned how to architect, develop, and test large software projects. Additionally, I was able to travel the world while at this job which was quite fun!
  • Microchip Technology, Senior Design Engineer - Job 3 was for a semiconductor company. This role was very generalized and included regular software, hardware work, and data science work. Here I learned to manage, parse, and interpret large datasets.
  • Autosoft, Software Engineer - Job 4 was for a automotive dealership management software company. This was my first job outside of the embedded systems industry.
  • DryvIQ (formerly SkySync), Senior Software Developer - Job 5 is for a data migration and governance software company. This is my first fully remote job.

Outside of work, I try to keep up on the latest tech trends. I like being a generalist and try to dabble in a bit of everything.

Personal Life

Besides being a tech generalist, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife Stephanie. We like doing outdoorsy stuff like hiking and kayaking. Sometimes we make up silly games like "battle golf" where we hit wiffle golf balls at each other. Good times!


Hi, I am Jeff Rimko!
A computer engineer and software developer in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.