Weekly Picks - Unusual Drinks

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Been trying out a few unusual drinks (for me at least).


  • Coffee with butter - After listening to Dave Asprey on the James Altucher Show, I had to try this. Not because of the potentially over-hyped medicinal benefits, but for two simple facts: coffee is delicious, butter is delicious. Turns out a mug of coffee with about 1 tablespoon of butter blended into it is pretty delicious! While still nutritionally skeptical of this combination, I …
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Weekly Picks - Systems

Some system related picks this week.


  • System Smarts - New podcast focusing on all aspects of systems.


  • Graphviz - Diagramming and visualization tool that uses a text-based markup. Works well for documenting system design.
  • Mscgen - Message diagramming tool that uses a text-based markup. Great for documenting any system that has intercommunicating components.
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Weekly Picks - Reddit

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Picks are a bit late this week but the theme will be "Reddit". I spend arguably too much time browsing and reading interesting articles on various sub-reddits.


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Weekly Picks - Meetups And Makerspaces

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People in big cities are spoiled. Cities tend to offer numerous interesting meetups with dozens of members. Additionally, local makerspaces (or hackerspaces) are fairly common in larger areas.

Lately I have been involved in a few meetup groups around the Shenango and Mahoning Valley area. The experience has been very fulfilling and it is great to see smaller cities getting some interesting groups organized.


  • HackYSU - YSU's first official meetup is this weekend. Only students …
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Weekly Picks - Headphones

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The theme for the picks this week is "headphones". I frequently listen to podcasts and music so good headphones are a must.


  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50s - Hands down the best sounding headphones I have owned. The only downside is the cable length which can sometimes be a nuisance as I tend to be only a foot or two away from the audio source. Consider the newer ATH-M50x model with removable cable.
  • Motorola MOTOROKR S305 - Simple design …
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Weekly Picks - Initial

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Charles Max Wood produces some excellent programming-related podcasts. All his podcasts have a similar format which include a picks section near the end of each episode. During this section, a participant can suggest anything (not just programming related) that they have enjoyed or found useful. I am going to try something similar with this blog and post a list of picks weekly (or as close to weekly as possible).


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