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Been trying out a few unusual drinks (for me at least).


  • Coffee with butter - After listening to Dave Asprey on the James Altucher Show, I had to try this. Not because of the potentially over-hyped medicinal benefits, but for two simple facts: coffee is delicious, butter is delicious. Turns out a mug of coffee with about 1 tablespoon of butter blended into it is pretty delicious! While still nutritionally skeptical of this combination, I have noticed that the associated coffee buzz seems much mellower and is no longer accompanied by sudden onset sleepiness a few hours later.
  • Milk with turmeric, ginger, pepper, and honey - While coffee and butter sounded like a good combination, this drink sounded like crazy sauce. I mostly followed this recipe but microwaved the milk then blended everything together. Overall, it is not bad and I find it oddly comforting. The spicy bitterness of turmeric may be a little overwhelming for some people.

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