Date Tags software

Made a quick video to demonstrate some of the features of gArchiver:

I use gArchiver frequently and it has proven invaluable. The ability to quickly add metadata to a zip file is handy. Here are a couple of typical use cases:

  • Keeping track of where files came from. When I need to keep a local copy of a received file, its useful to make a quick note of who sent it.
  • Grouping files together as a record. Some files never need to be modified and are kept only as records. Grouping related files together in an archive makes sense.
  • Making quick backups before changing something. Version control software is awesome but it can be overkill for small tasks. Before tempting fate by restyling a Word document, make a quick backup and note the current state of the file.
  • Storing a directory of infrequently used file. Have an old project directory sitting around your filesystem? Archive the whole thing and make a few notes.

The archive log can be read by simply opening the __archive_info__.txt Additionally, the rendered version can be viewed by opening the zip file with Doctrine.

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