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Recently replaced the battery in my Nexus 6P smartphone. The process is kind of a pain and there is a lot of great info out there if you plan to try this on your own. Here are a few quick tips from my experience:

  • The most difficult part for me was removing the glass piece that is glued over the camera. Several videos I watched recommended using an X-Acto knife but I ended up breaking the blade tips off. Instead, a simple 1.5 inch razor blade (e.g. these Stanely blades) worked much better. I placed the entire blade in the groove so that is was perpendicular to the phone and gently worked it under the glass. Work slowly along the length of the piece. A heat gun is handy for softening the glue. Be careful not to crack the glass. Eventually the blade will be able to cut away enough glue to lift the piece.
  • To remove the back cover of the phone, use the same razor blade and insert it along the case edge near the screen. Look closely at the edges of the screen and notice that there is a thin black gasket or trim piece between the edge of the screen and the case body. Be certain to insert the blade on the outside of the trim piece, closest to the phone body and away from the screen. I have read that doing this wrong can break your screen.

Here are some helpful videos I watched before tackling this project:

Here is the replacement battery I purchased:

It's been about a month since replacing my battery and I am happy with the results. My phone easily lasts a day with moderate use where before it would barely last a few hours. My phone no longer shuts down at 30% battery or when taking photos. The replacement process is challenging but well worth it if you have a steady hand and some patience.

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