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As mentioned in previous posts, I really like fzf. If you are a Windows user, here's how you can use AutoHotKey and Launchy to search files and folders with fzf directly from File Explorer. The absolute path of the result file/folder will be copied to the system clipboard so it can be pasted into any application.

This AutoHotKey script will open an fzf file/folder search starting at the current File Explorer path:

;; This script sends the currently File Explorer folder to fzf.
;; Selected file in fzf is has the path copied to the clipboard.
;; NOTE: Runs once then exits.
;; NOTE: Intended to be used with Launchy.

;; SECTION: Main Body                                           ;

if not (WinActive("ahk_class CabinetWClass")) {

; Copy the folder path from explorer.
Send {Esc}
Send !d
Send ^c
Send {Esc}
Send {Tab}
Send {Tab}

; Delay in milliseconds, allows Windows to catch-up since sometimes the
; folder will not be correct without this delay.
Sleep, 333

; Open cmd, navigate to folder and run fzf.
run, %comspec% /k cd /d "%Clipboard%" & fzf | clip & exit,, max

Configure Launchy so that this script (or a shortcut to the script) will be scanned. Now open up File Explorer to somewhere you'd like to search and trigger the script. Here is an example of searching through the CPython source code and then opening the search result file in gVim:

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