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Recently ran into an issue where an Acer VX 15 laptop would occasionally shut down. And I don't mean like going through the Windows shutdown process, I mean the laptop would be on one second then immediately off the next. This issue occurred while running on battery and never happened while plugged into the AC adapter.

The only official troubleshooting information I could find were these instructions for resetting the battery. Following these instructions had no effect on the issue.

After a bit more searching, found some people that fixed similar issues on different Acer laptop models by tightening the screws on the bottom of the laptop, e.g. this YouTube video. Sure enough, every single screw on the bottom of the laptop was loose. Apparently, there is a switch installed on some Acer laptops that detects if the laptop bottom is in place. This switch will disconnect power if the bottom is removed while running on battery. The problem is that the screws will slowly loosen over time due to heating/cooling cycles from normal laptop use. When these screws get loose enough, the switch will trigger the power disconnection. Yikes!

So don't fret if your Acer laptop is suddenly shutting down. You might just have a few screws loose.

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