Speed Up Ctrlp With Fd

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NOTE: This was originally posted on the Vim subreddit here.

Just learned aboug fd today and was impressed by its speed. Tried using it for ctrlp and it works great! Didn't take any precise measurements but for the CPython code base, stock ctrlp loaded in about 2 seconds, ctrlp+ripgrep about 1 second, and ctlp+fd about 0.5 seconds.

I'm running gVim 8.0.586 on Windows 10 and used the following in my …

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Better Task Lists In AsciiDoc

NOTE: This is an update to a previous post.

Okay, it's been a while since the last post on this topic. Since then, I've switched from using the original AsciiDoc utility to Asciidoctor. This along with some minor tweaking has changed how my task lists look.

Here is the basic structure:

= My Task List

.Category Tags
    Code related tasks.
    Documentation related tasks.

== Current Tasks
.Updated 2017-01-06
NOTE: Arranged by priority.

  - [ ] `2017-01-05 …
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Vim Tips - Helpful Leader Key Mappings

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The leader key is a useful way of creating custom mappings in Vim. While browsing code in normal mode, it can be useful to quickly toggle settings on and off or execute other commands. By defining mappings with the leader key, a short sequence of keys can be used to quickly execute commands. Check out :help <Leader> for more information on the leader key and defining mappings.

This post contains some examples from my vimrc …

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Vim/Python Compatibility Issue

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Found out the hard way that certain versions of Vim are not compatible with certain versions of Python. I keep my installation of Vim 7.3.712 on Dropbox so I can use it across multiple computers. While trying to run gVim on a new PC with Python 2.7.11 installed, gVim would close without warning or an error message when trying to open files.

Found out the cause was the one plugin I …

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Task Lists In AsciiDoc

NOTE: An update to this post is available here.

Task lists are great! Need to do something eventually but don't have the time or motivation to do it now? Add it to a task list (think of it as procrastination management)!

When managing task lists on a computer, I prefer a file-based plain-text approach. As a software developer and avid Vim user, I have found this method to be the most flexible, reliable, and easy …

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Vim Highlight Shortcuts

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Highlighting in Vim is super useful when trying to quickly see where something is being used. The following commands can be added to your vimrc file to make highlighting a breeze:

"{-- Commands to highlight the word under the cursor without moving the buffer view or cursor. --
" Case sensitive, partial match inclusive.
noremap hi :set hlsearch:let @/=''
" Case sensitive, no partial match.
noremap ho :set hlsearch:let @/='\<\>'
" Case insensitive, partial match inclusive.
noremap hu :set hlsearch …
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Vim Plugin Picks

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The following are a few Vim plugins that really boost productivity with this fantastic editor:

  • EasyMotion - Makes moving to a specific location a breeze; see it in action here.
  • Buffet - My favorite plugin for moving between open buffers.
  • CtrlP - Quickly open files within a project directory structure via fuzzy search.
  • FuzzyFinder - Fuzzy searching for buffers, files, tags, etc.
  • MRU - Simple plugin that shows a list of the most recently used files.

Quick note on using …

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Vim For Health

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Today I was watching a video on using Vim as a Python IDE when a comment about the health benefits of Vim caught my attention. Oddly enough, one of the reasons I decided to learn Vim was because of hand pain. After switching to Vim full-time, I have experienced less pain and could not imagine going back.

One additional step I took was to remap the left Ctrl key to Caps Lock. This has made …

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