Unified Style Guide - Syntax Brainstorming

The Unified Style Guide (aka USG) is a side project I've been slowly piecing together over the past few years. It started mainly as an effort to document my personal preferences for structuring files and folders. A special file reserved in the style guide is the directory information file which simply provides a plain text description of the directory contents. When necessary, I have been using these files to describe the naming convention of the …

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Unified Style Guide Thoughts - Doctrine And Archiver

The Unified Style Guide (USG) is a project that I have been slowly piecing together to better organize files and directories. The premise of the project (and all style guide projects) is to provide a straightforward guide that is well thought-out and takes the guesswork out of most use cases. I will anguish over all the trivial, mundane details so you don't have too!

The two utilities that support the USG are Doctrine and Archiver …

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QuickWin 0.3.0 Preview And Thoughts

Been working on some updates to QuickWin recently. QuickWin was ultimately developed to scratch a productivity itch that had been bugging me for a while. There are some similar projects available such as GoToWindow and AltTabAHK but nothing quite hit the feature set I wanted. Overall, I am happy with how functional QuickWin has proven to be; it has quickly integrated into my workflow over the past few months of usage.

New Feature Examples

The …

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Weekly Picks - Systems

Some system related picks this week.


  • System Smarts - New podcast focusing on all aspects of systems.


  • Graphviz - Diagramming and visualization tool that uses a text-based markup. Works well for documenting system design.
  • Mscgen - Message diagramming tool that uses a text-based markup. Great for documenting any system that has intercommunicating components.
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gArchiver Demo

Date Tags software

Made a quick video to demonstrate some of the features of gArchiver:

I use gArchiver frequently and it has proven invaluable. The ability to quickly add metadata to a zip file is handy. Here are a couple of typical use cases:

  • Keeping track of where files came from. When I need to keep a local copy of a received file, its useful to make a quick note of who sent it.
  • Grouping files together as …
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Comment Groups

Date Tags software

Sometimes normal leading comments just aren't enough, instead a visual method of grouping blocks of code together is needed. The following pattern seems to work very well:

<comment-symbol>{-- <group-text> --

Here is an example in C:

/*{-- Some grouped variables. --*/
/* Maintains foo-y stuff. */
int foo = 1;
/* Maintains bar-y stuff. */
int bar = 2;

Here is an example in Python:

#{-- Some cool code here. --
foo = 1
bar = 2

Multi-line example in JavaScript:

//{-- Big long explanation of a …
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Thoughts On Script Naming

For a while now, I have had the mindset that any high-level operation related to a software project should be captured as an OS-native script kept either in the repo's root directory or an appropriate subdirectory. For example, the following scripts are located in the root directory of my blog repo:

  • _Build_HTML.bat
  • _Cleanup.bat
  • _Deploy_SSH.bat
  • _Run_Test_Server.bat

A few things worth noting about the filenames alone:

  • The scripts are Windows-native batch files since …
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