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Recently, I had a need for a very lightweight static website generator. The idea was to have AsciiDoc and Pandoc handle the markup to HTML conversions while the generator would simply apply the HTML content to a Jinja2 template. The result was PopPage, a simple command-line driven website generator. It plays nicely with native Windows batch scripting and I plan on providing a few examples in the GitHub repo shortly.

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Vim Scratch Buffer

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Opening a scratch buffer in Vim can come in handy. The following vimrc addition works well: nnoremap <Leader>sc :e scratch<CR>:setlocal readonly<CR>

It is especially useful in combination with the run shell command shortcut once Vim is configured to change to the directory of the current file with the following vimrc addition: autocmd BufEnter * execute "chdir ".escape(expand("%:p:h"), ' ')

The advantage this named buffer has over the [No Name] buffers created …

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Fossil Command Line Tips

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For small projects, Fossil is a great choice for version control. Fossil's command line interface is very easy to use and plays nice with utilities like grep, gawk and xargs. The following are examples of common operations:

  • Check in only edited files: fossil changes | grep EDITED | gawk '{print $2}' | xargs fossil commit -m "Added feature X."

  • Add only files with name containing "pattern" to repo: fossil extras | grep pattern | xargs fossil add

  • Move files in …

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Vim Run Shell Command

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Here is a nice simple vimrc file addition that will execute a line as a shell command and read back the output into the buffer: nnoremap <Leader>rl yy:r!<C-r>"<CR>

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