Automate Stdin For Python Tests

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NOTE: The information in this post applies to Python 2.x only. See this post for Python 3.x support.

While working on Qprompt (a Python CLI based user input libary), I wanted to write some tests to check for regressions. The following lambda function allows stdin to be programmatically set:

import StringIO, sys
sys.stdin = StringIO.StringIO()
setinput = lambda x: [sys.stdin.truncate(0), sys.stdin.write(x),]

The following …

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Python Pattern Matching, Sorta

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This trick is neat and potentially useful although maybe not very Pythonic:

txt = "two"
val = (
        1 if txt == "one" else
        2 if txt == "two" else
        3 if txt == "three" else
print val

The following form can be used instead:

txt = "three"
val = \
        1 if txt == "one" else \
        2 if txt == "two" else \
        3 if txt == "three" else \
print val
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Resolutions That Work

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Last January, I made a resolution to walk 3 million steps during the year. With the help of a cheap step counter and a spreadsheet, I am happy to say it may have been the first New Years resolution that I actually completed! While preparing a list of resolutions for 2016, the following criteria will help guarantee success:

  • Progress must be measurable! - Keep track of your progress periodically to make sure you will hit your …
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Wordless - A Better Document Toolchain

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I was raised during a generation where writing on a computer was virtually synonymous with using Microsoft Word (little has changed since). However, as I grew versed in the landscape of software development utilities, I knew there had to be a better way to write. For me, the perfect writing toolchain needed the following qualities:

  • Content should be portable.
  • Content should play nice with version control and diff tools.
  • Content should be grep-able.
  • Structure emphasized …
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Introducing Qprompt

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Python is an excellent multipurpose language. However, when writing scripts (in the shell script sense), a decent command-line user interface is necessary. Qprompt is a library of simple command-line interface functions that should simplify common tasks. For example, to ask the user for an integer between 1 and 100, simply use the following:


Menus are straightforward as well:

menu = qprompt.Menu()
menu.add("1", "Item 1")
menu.add("2 …
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Properly Plural Python Printing

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This one is kind of silly but sometimes you just want messages to use the proper plural case. Here is an example in Python 2 (with a little help from Qprompt):

import qprompt
num = qprompt.ask_int("How many beers?", vld=[1,2,3])
print "Okay, %u %s." % (
        "beer" if num == 1 else "beers")
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Introducing The Unified Style Guide

Style guides are an important part of the software development process. They keep code consistent across projects and help maintain a level of cleanliness and professionalism. A few years ago, I realized there were no (to my knowledge) guides for general file and directory naming so I started one. Over time, I gradually updated it and eventually named it the Unified Style Guide with the lofty goal of one day expanding it to programming languages …

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