Installing HospitalRun On Arch Linux

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I recently installed HospitalRun on Arch Linux using the official instructions available here. Everything went well except for step 5 involving script/bootstrap which required the following changes:

  1. Add the --ignore-scripts option to the end of the line npm install -g phantomjs-prebuilt.
  2. Add the --allow-root option to the end of the line bower install.

Now run the script with sudo script/bootstrap and all should be good!

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Removing A Suzuki SV650 Gas Tank

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Today, I had to remove the gas tank from a 2000 Suzuki SV650. While it is pretty straightforward, maybe someone can benefit from a documented process:

  1. Just below the seat on both sides there are small triangle shaped decorative fairings. Each are held on by an exposed hex bolt and a hidden plastic fastener. Remove the hex bolt and rotate the fairings away from the body of the bike.
  2. The driver seat is held on …
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Quick Update

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Just a quick update on some stuff I've been up to lately:

  • QuickWin now has better multi-monitor support. Been thinking about adding it to Chocolatey.
  • Been slowly hacking at PopPage to improve overall functionality and cookiecutter template compatibility.
  • Started a new job that is outside of the embedded systems industry (a first for me). Been learning the Microsoft .NET stack and have been impressed so far. The Visual Studio debugger is amazing!
  • Slowly researching the …
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Changelog Structure

I recently changed my preferred structure for changelog files. Examples of the old structure are shown in the Qprompt changelog while the new structure is shown in the PopPage changelog.

The new structure is based on suggestions from Keep A Changelog. Liking the clarity and brevity of this style, I updated the changelog section in the Unified Style Guide to incorporate their suggestions.

While I don't plan to update old changelogs, new changelogs will definitely …

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PopPage Demo

PopPage is a small side project I started a few years but haven't really updated much until recently. PopPage was originally a simple static HTML generator; at the time I just needed a utility to apply content to Jinja2 templates. However, recent updates have effectively made it a cookiecutter clone with a few neat features. Unlike cookiecutter, PopPage information is supplied from YAML files rather than JSON files. As of PopPage 0.3.1, there …

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DevLog - Qprompt

Qprompt is a simple CLI library for Python that I have slowly working on for about two years now. It provides basic typed prompts and menus in a CLI environment along with some additional convenience functions. Recently, I added a feature that allows prompt inputs to be automatically entered via stdin; I have found this feature to be enormously helpful. Let's look at an example use case.

Use Case - QuickWin Build Menu

QuickWin is another …

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Question Drilldown - Kalman Filter

The Topic

For this drilldown, we will take a very high-level look at a technique used in robotics, control systems, and any other applications involving sensors: the Kalman Filter.

NOTE: No math will be covered in this article. There are plenty of great resources for learning the math behind the Kalman Filter. Think of this article as a primer.

The Q&A

What is a Kalman Filter (KF)?

The KF is an algorithm used to …

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