Vim For Health

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Today I was watching a video on using Vim as a Python IDE when a comment about the health benefits of Vim caught my attention. Oddly enough, one of the reasons I decided to learn Vim was because of hand pain. After switching to Vim full-time, I have experienced less pain and could not imagine going back.

One additional step I took was to remap the left Ctrl key to Caps Lock. This has made …

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Qt 4.8.4 And MinGW Quick Start

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The following are instructions for installing Qt and compiling a demo application using the MinGW toolchain:

  1. Download the Qt 4.8.4 libraries installer here.
  2. Run the installer. If a warning message about the version of the w32api.h file appears ignore it and continue the installation (my install is version 3.17 and appears to work fine).
  3. By default, the installer does not add the Qt toolchain to the PATH. Instead, it provides a …
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Vim Zoom Hack

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When writing large documents with a text editor, it is sometimes useful to zoom out and get a high-level view of the file (I believe Sublime Text has a feature called minimap that does this). This functionality can be added to gVim with a simple vimrc addition (to my knowledge, this will not work with regular Vim).

Add the zoom out command with the following: noremap <Leader>zo :set guifont=courier_new:h4<CR>

Add the …

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While browsing YouTube recently, I stumbled upon a video about a great third-party Python module called Docopt. It greatly simplifies writing command-line utilities; instead of writing custom logic using the standard library optparse or argparse modules, you simply write the usage docs for the utility and Docopt handles the parsing. Check out the documentation; there are some great examples that really showcase the power of this module.

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Recently, I had a need for a very lightweight static website generator. The idea was to have AsciiDoc and Pandoc handle the markup to HTML conversions while the generator would simply apply the HTML content to a Jinja2 template. The result was PopPage, a simple command-line driven website generator. It plays nicely with native Windows batch scripting and I plan on providing a few examples in the GitHub repo shortly.

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Vim Scratch Buffer

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Opening a scratch buffer in Vim can come in handy. The following vimrc addition works well: nnoremap <Leader>sc :e scratch<CR>:setlocal readonly<CR>

It is especially useful in combination with the run shell command shortcut once Vim is configured to change to the directory of the current file with the following vimrc addition: autocmd BufEnter * execute "chdir ".escape(expand("%:p:h"), ' ')

The advantage this named buffer has over the [No Name] buffers created …

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Fossil Command-Line Tips

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For small projects, Fossil is a great choice for version control. Fossil's command-line interface is very easy to use and plays nice with utilities like grep, gawk and xargs. The following are examples of common operations:

  • Check in only edited files: fossil changes | grep EDITED | gawk '{print $2}' | xargs fossil commit -m "Added feature X."

  • Add only files with name containing "pattern" to repo: fossil extras | grep pattern | xargs fossil add

  • Move files in repo …

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