Weekly Picks - Finance Podcasts

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Couple of finance related podcasts for this week's picks.


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Italian Verbs

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Here are some word associations that might be helpful to remember some common Italian Verbs:

  • CADERE - Cady falls catlike. - Cady cade come un gatto.
  • CHIAMARE - Key-Mary calls midday. - Key-Mary chiama mezzogiorno.
  • CHIEDERE - Key-Eddy asks keenly. - Key-Eddy chiede acutamente.
  • CHIUDERE - Key-Eustace closes juices. - Key-Eustace chiude i succhi.
  • DARE - Darin gives dozens. - Darin dozzine.
  • DIVENTARE - Dante becomes dainty. - Dante diventa delicato.
  • DOVERE - Dove owes two dollars. - Dove deve due dollari.
  • FARE - Farah makes fairings. - Farah fa …
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Weekly Picks - Video Speed Controller

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Been a while since the last picks post. I've been watching a lot of instructional videos on YouTube recently which inspired this pick.


  • Video Speed Controller - This Chrome extension allows you to quickly increase or decrease the speed of an HTML5 video. Yeah, many sites have similar features built-in to their video players but this extension ramps it up a notch. Try it and you'll see how helpful the keyboard shortcuts are when watching …
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Fzf To Clipboard On Windows

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Been using the great fzf CLI utility lately. Here's a neat trick to copy the search result to the Windows clipboard:

fzf | clip

The resulting copied text tends to include a carriage return however. To remove it, either add the --print0 option to the fzf command or permanently make it a default option using the FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS environment variable.

The use case for this trick is to quickly find a file within a project, copy the …

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Speed Up Ctrlp With Fd

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NOTE: This was originally posted on the Vim subreddit here.

Just learned aboug fd today and was impressed by its speed. Tried using it for ctrlp and it works great! Didn't take any precise measurements but for the CPython code base, stock ctrlp loaded in about 2 seconds, ctrlp+ripgrep about 1 second, and ctlp+fd about 0.5 seconds.

I'm running gVim 8.0.586 on Windows 10 and used the following in my …

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Another Quick Update

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Another quick update of random stuff I've been up to lately:

  • Released a new version of gArchiver. This is the first new release in nearly two years. It is now built with Python 3.6 and wxPython 4.0.1.
  • PopPage has some cool features like the run command and default files.
  • Learning a lot about C# and the .NET framework. Microsoft has done a great job with the tooling centered around Visual Studio!
  • Finally …
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The Number e And Compound Interest

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The number e is one of those things in mathematics that appears mysterious at first glance. It has a seemingly random value and occasionally pops up in various contexts. Today, let’s take a closer look at this important number and understand it in the context of one of the most powerful forces known to man: compound interest.

The number e is essentially the growth multiple of something increasing at 100% over one time unit …

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Weekly Picks - The Kingkiller Chronicle

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It's been a while since the last picks! This round includes the first two books in The Kingkiller Chronicle which is a planned trilogy of fantasy novels telling the life story of one of the most famous/infamous characters in their world, Kvothe. Author Patrick Rothfuss has done something truly special in these books. His story is unique yet familiar and masterfully crafted. My quick blurbs below won't do these books justice. If you are …

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