TV Repair And Heartbreak

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Ugh. So I tried to repair a large screen LED TV recently. I've never worked on a TV before so this was definitely uncharted territory. The issue was that the LED backlight would not stay on, they would briefly flash when starting the TV and the logo would show but then the screen would go dark.

Ultimately, I was able to repair the backlight but did end up breaking the screen in the process.


You …

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Introducing Ubuild

I recently added a new project to GitHub: Ubuild

This project addresses something I've wanted for a long time: a way to unify the build process for various software projects. It shouldn't matter if the project is a C++ native application or a web app, there should be a simple interface that takes the guess-work out of the build process. Ubuild provides this unified interface.

A user can review the build options by running the …

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Weekly Picks - Naddpod

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One of my favorite podcasts is the pick this week.


  • Not Another D&D Podcast - An excellent comedy D&D podcast with great characters and an intriguing story. This quickly became one of my all time favorite podcasts after listening to a few episodes. I introduced it to my wife and we are both hooked.
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Weekly Picks - HospitalRun

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The pick this week is a project with great intentions.


  • HospitalRun - Free and open source software intended to help administrate hospitals in developing countries. This project is currently looking for maintainers!
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Weekly Picks - Life And Kayaks

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Some random picks this week.


  • JRE #1123 - Kevin Smith - Great talk covering various topics from owning pets to ancient Egypt. Kevin shares some interesting views on life and death following his recent heart attack.


  • Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak - Admittedly, I was super skeptical about inflatable kayaks but these things are awesome! My wife and I bought two when they were on sale for about $50 each. They are light, portable, and durable …
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Debugging Godot With Visual Studio Code

I’ve been playing around with Godot a bit recently, a promising 2D/3D game engine that is completely open source. What most impressed me is that the entire engine is distributed as a 50MB binary. Compared to the 1GB+ installation size for Unity, this is pretty amazing.

Here are some quick instructions for debugging the Godot engine itself (i.e. rather than a game created in Godot) using VS Code:

  1. Make sure you have …

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