Windows Bluetooth Add/Remove Device Fix

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Another entry in the miscellaneous fixes blog series. This fix should help with the following strange behavior on Windows 10 (and possibly 11) under the "Bluetooth & other devices" settings:

  • Clicking on the "Add Bluetooth or other device" causes the "Add a device" window to appear normally but clicking on any option in the window causes it to immediately close without warning.
  • Attempting to remove a Bluetooth device fails.

This behavior may also be accompanied by …

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Acer Aspire VX 15 Shutdown Fix

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Recently ran into an issue where an Acer VX 15 laptop would occasionally shut down. And I don't mean like going through the Windows shutdown process, I mean the laptop would be on one second then immediately off the next. This issue occurred while running on battery and never happened while plugged into the AC adapter.

The only official troubleshooting information I could find were these instructions for resetting the battery. Following these instructions had …

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Fzf And Windows File Explorer

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As mentioned in previous posts, I really like fzf. If you are a Windows user, here's how you can use AutoHotKey and Launchy to search files and folders with fzf directly from File Explorer. The absolute path of the result file/folder will be copied to the system clipboard so it can be pasted into any application.

This AutoHotKey script will open an fzf file/folder search starting at the current File Explorer path:

;; This …
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Nexus 6P Battery Replacement

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Recently replaced the battery in my Nexus 6P smartphone. The process is kind of a pain and there is a lot of great info out there if you plan to try this on your own. Here are a few quick tips from my experience:

  • The most difficult part for me was removing the glass piece that is glued over the camera. Several videos I watched recommended using an X-Acto knife but I ended up breaking …
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TV Repair And Heartbreak

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Ugh. So I tried to repair a large screen LED TV recently. I've never worked on a TV before so this was definitely uncharted territory. The issue was that the LED backlight would not stay on, they would briefly flash when starting the TV and the logo would show but then the screen would go dark.

Ultimately, I was able to repair the backlight but did end up breaking the screen in the process.


You …

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Easy To Remember Unit Estimates

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Here is a short list of ballpark equivalents that are fairly easy to remember. Keep in mind these are only ballpark estimates and are purposefully kept to round numbers. So only use these for quick mental calculations and don't go building spaceships or anything with them.

  • 1 cup of water ~ 0.5 pounds
  • 1 pound ~ 0.5 kilograms
  • 1 kilometer ~ 0.5 mile
  • 1 gallon ~ 5 liter
  • 1 liter ~ 5 cups
  • 1 teaspoon ~ 5 milliliters …
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Italian Verbs

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Here are some word associations that might be helpful to remember some common Italian Verbs:

  • CADERE - Cady falls catlike. - Cady cade come un gatto.
  • CHIAMARE - Key-Mary calls midday. - Key-Mary chiama mezzogiorno.
  • CHIEDERE - Key-Eddy asks keenly. - Key-Eddy chiede acutamente.
  • CHIUDERE - Key-Eustace closes juices. - Key-Eustace chiude i succhi.
  • DARE - Darin gives dozens. - Darin dozzine.
  • DIVENTARE - Dante becomes dainty. - Dante diventa delicato.
  • DOVERE - Dove owes two dollars. - Dove deve due dollari.
  • FARE - Farah makes fairings. - Farah fa …
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Fzf To Clipboard On Windows

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Been using the great fzf CLI utility lately. Here's a neat trick to copy the search result to the Windows clipboard:

fzf | clip

The resulting copied text tends to include a carriage return however. To remove it, either add the --print0 option to the fzf command or permanently make it a default option using the FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS environment variable.

The use case for this trick is to quickly find a file within a project, copy the …

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