DevLog - Qprompt

Qprompt is a simple CLI library for Python that I have slowly working on for about two years now. It provides basic typed prompts and menus in a CLI environment along with some additional convenience functions. Recently, I added a feature that allows prompt inputs to be automatically entered via stdin; I have found this feature to be enormously helpful. Let's look at an example use case.

Use Case - QuickWin Build Menu

QuickWin is another …

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Question Drilldown - Kalman Filter

The Topic

For this drilldown, we will take a very high-level look at a technique used in robotics, control systems, and any other applications involving sensors: the Kalman Filter.

NOTE: No math will be covered in this article. There are plenty of great resources for learning the math behind the Kalman Filter. Think of this article as a primer.

The Q&A

What is a Kalman Filter (KF)?

The KF is an algorithm used to …

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Weekly Picks - A Strange Trio

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The picks this week all involve a group of friends dealing with a supernatural foe. While the premise of each is different, they share similar tones and pay homage to 80's era horror.


  • Oxenfree - A group of friends are tormented by a supernatural presence on an abandoned island. Fun, engaging, and only takes a few hours to play through.


  • It Follows - A girl is hunted by an unstoppable shape-shifting creature. Good execution of …
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Better Task Lists In AsciiDoc

NOTE: This is an update to a previous post.

Okay, it's been a while since the last post on this topic. Since then, I've switched from using the original AsciiDoc utility to Asciidoctor. This along with some minor tweaking has changed how my task lists look.

Here is the basic structure:

= My Task List

.Category Tags
    Code related tasks.
    Documentation related tasks.

== Current Tasks
.Updated 2017-01-06
NOTE: Arranged by priority.

  - [ ] `2017-01-05 …
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Question Drilldown - Processes, Threads

This is the first post using a format that I have been wanting to try out for a long time. The idea is to catalog the questions that might be asked when first learning about a topic. By reviewing these questions, hopefully newcomers can learn a great deal and the more experienced can brush up a bit. The goal is not to exhaustively review every detail on the topic but rather provide just enough information …

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Second Game Jam

The Youngstown Game Developers had our second annual game jam this past weekend. It was a great time and I learned a ton. It had been several months since doing any game dev stuff so I did spend a fair amount of time relearning Unity.

During the keynote, we were advised to avoid games with common mechanics like jumping. So of course I made a game about... jumping in the dark! Yeah, I know, not …

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Weekly Picks - Jesse Schell

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This week's pick is a legend of the video game industry: Jesse Schell.




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Weekly Picks - Podcasts

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Couple of random podcast episodes for this round of picks.


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