Second Game Jam

The Youngstown Game Developers had our second annual game jam this past weekend. It was a great time and I learned a ton. It had been several months since doing any game dev stuff so I did spend a fair amount of time relearning Unity.

During the keynote, we were advised to avoid games with common mechanics like jumping. So of course I made a game about... jumping in the dark! Yeah, I know, not …

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Weekly Picks - Jesse Schell

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This week's pick is a legend of the video game industry: Jesse Schell.




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Weekly Picks - Podcasts

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Couple of random podcast episodes for this round of picks.


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Weekly Picks - Foreign Language Learning

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Ciao friends! Been a while since the last "weekly" picks but here are some to help you learn a new (spoken) language.


  • Anki - Great flashcard application! Lots of pre-made decks available to help build vocab.


  • Duolingo - Free and amazing language learning site. The mobile app is quite good too.
  • Forvo - Not sure how a word is supposed to be pronounce? Forvo's got your back!
  • Google Translate - Essential for those unknown words!
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DevLog - Doctrine Updates And Electron

In a previous post, I was kicking around some ideas for updating a pet project of mine called Doctrine. Here's a quick update on the progress of the second iteration of the project.

I decided to go the JavaScript/Electron route. Electron is easy to work with, it does what is expected (usually) and haven't run into too many surprises. The functionality of Doctrine2 is coming together nicely and I hope to make the code …

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Advice From The 10 Year Point

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A quick look back on 10 years of professional software/hardware development and some advice for new developers and engineers.

Some generalizations on how the first 10 years of your career might look. Years 1 to 5 will be spent learning as much as possible; it's very likely you will learn more in the first two years on the job than you did in all of college. Years 6 to 10 will be spent niching …

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Easy Custom Parts Experiment - Update 1

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In a previous post, I brainstormed about applying masking tape to one side of a wire mesh part then fiberglass cloth to the other side. Tried it out and the results are encouraging. The only downside I ran into was the cloth tends to move around a bit when applying the resin. Also, this method may require some additional steps if the cloth cannot be applied as a single piece.

Here is a video showing …

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